Saturday, January 28, 2012

Octavio Perez Fall 2011

Here are some of the assignments I did for Computer Illustration last Fall.

character sheets

Spot images

Book cover assignment

There are probably some more things as well if I find them I'll just edit this later

Joe Thiel Fall 2011

Here is the work I did in Illustration class.

Caricature assignment

Advertisement assignments

Spot Illustration

Image based off of a poem

This is actually our first assignment of the Spring 2012 semester.

I think that is most of the work? There might have been some more but I can't find them all right now.

Edit: Forgot I did this card for the Halmark competition online!

It's been a while!

At first I was going to upload everything on one post but I realize there is A LOT of work from last semester so what I will do instead is divide them onto different posts according to classes. Sound good? Ok here we go.